Sexual Assault counselling

a unique service for survivors

of sexual trauma.


Should be a point of referral


an in debth understanding

of the neuro physiological

impacts of sexual assault.

Trauma release counselling

with an understanding of  cognative

                       andnon cognative

trauma release therapies

providing referrals or a data base

of trauma informed therapiosts

who are not sexual trauma avoidant.

Trauma release ought to be a faculty of it's own

Sexual Assault Counselling ( see side content)


Trauma Release Therapy

       should be  comprehensive interdisciplinary Master's Degrees

with subjects such as::

Narrative therapy followed by a discussion of issues raised.


The Phases of Trauma Recovery

 various models of stages of recovery

 noting one size does not fit all 


strategies to break through the shame barrier


understanding sexual trauma as a

neuro physiological phenomina


an appreciation of body memories


An appreciation of non cognative therapies

which may facilitate trauma release:

  • Physiotherapy or remedial massage
  • pelvic floor muscles physiotherapy
  • Reflexology
  • EDMR
  • Tapping
  • Shaking off trauma
  • Music as therapy
  • boundaries / boundary rebuilding
  • prayer
  • or meditation  ( client's choice)
  • client inniated therapies


Trauma informed medicine:






and other health care professionals


the role of trauma informed clergy

the need to include survivor inniated data in research

apreciating the value of survivor identified areas of future research


sexual trauma and how it complicates gender and sexuality

distinguishing sexual trauma and flash backs

   from sexual erotica

   or adult desire for informed consentual sex.

understanding the bodies auto pleasure points and the impact of sexual trauma - pain in pleasure and pleasure in pain confusion