emotional "pain"
physical pain
flash backs

and other impacts
which are in articles


The first issue is overcomming our denial
and the denial of some around us

I found  abondonment a significant issue.

so many do not want us to talk about it
           ( talking it out is a primary need of survivors )

Stored body memories and trauma.
       Recently I experienced   pain so bad I could bearly get out of bed one morning.  I knew I had got in touch with internal trauma.  I found being massaged gave me relief to get up then I rang a sexual assault service.talking it over helped,

however I needed therapy to release trauma from my body. so I saw a physiotherapist

and later found a remedial massager who released trauma from my body.

a Doctor explained that the traumatised part of my body is complex
  but I stressed my mind needs to have some level of understanding
  so he gave me the terms to do a search.


  • Pelvic Floor Muscles

(in my case)  levator ani  ( rear passage.


Physiotherapy relieved my lower back pain.  reading and prayer and helplines assisted me.

later remedial massage of my glutz muscles brough inproved release.

but physio only massages the outer muscles.

the trauma is internal.

        I am looking at what health care professionals  can assist and have ordered some books to read and hope to post more later.

  • disassociation
  • flash backs
  • current events which trigger past memories
  • negative words  spoken by perpetrators during grooming or csa itself.
  • breach of trust
  • abondonment


    .Understanding rape.

Rape is not just  an evil forced act of reverse plumbing.

the muscles and tissue  around the area were traumatised  there is residual physical pain from time to time.

it was an unwanted  forced negative sexual experience imposed on a child unually pre puberty when the child's mind and body was not developed sufficient to cope.

    non offending survivors may email  for links    nathan@aussiesurvivors.com .