Sadly most theological colleges, Seminaries and Bible Colleges avoid sexual abuse and ministry to survivors
rather like the levite who in the Parable of the Good Samaritan walked by
fearing if he touched a dead man or a wounded man's blood he would be defiled
     and unable to serve in the Temple
      despite the fact that there were many Levites at the Temple in Jerusalem waiting their turn to serve.

It is my aim to equip Ministers Pastors  Caring Christians to be able to effectivly minister to survivors.

Whilst this is being done

My introductory suggestions are ...

1. Listen to our story

2. comfort   Isaiah 40,  Psalm 23   etc

3. Share God's love    God's love casts out fear
            we were traumatised by fear

4. Encourage the survivor to report it to the Police  - Detectives in the police station
      Ministers are Mandatory eporters

5. Leave "forgiveness"  for the moment.   It's most likely been already perverted by the abuser
      besides we need to face what happened before forgiving.
                 we are wounded - we need spiritual and emotional first aid.
                  as in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
6. sexual abuse is about an abuse of power and control.
    In a healthy religous organisation clergy are open to questioning.
     the congregation or students are free from control
      true religion is about  personal growth, freedom, truth.

    abusive institutions control, deceive, practice entrapment, enslave and abuse power
       demand compliance, deny the right to ask questions etc. 

7.  If you are a minister of the most high God.  ( if not please resign now - find a secular job )
     Say a prayer in faith.

     please Do not say "I don't know what to say"  -  we already are vulnerable to abondonment issues.

     Pray " Dear God we come to you asking you to help ....
              we pray that you will comfort ....
              and show ..  the path of recovery
              increase .....   faith
               fill  .....   with your love that casts out fear
               give .. strength  wisdom  patience  insight "


My story  My faith

It seems to me that sexual abuse is an evil
where wolves obtain sheeps clothing and infultrate places of worship.

Child Protection policies have been imposed by the state and insurance companies and in house lawyers in Australia

The evil of sexual abuse operates like a cancer -
just as cancer cells feed off nuitrants in the blood
so sexual abusers twist selected scriptures taken out of context
and pervert and misuse religous teachings - again out of context.

God is good.

sexual abuse does not come from God.
the anti god, satan and his demons drive it.