About Aussie Survivors

                                                                  Aussie survivors was set up to list resources for Australian Survivors of Sexual Abuse

International links to websites have also been listed.to facilitate survivors accessing relevant resources and to overcome some of the barriers and destractions experienced as a survivor during the last 15 years.

                                                               In general survivor resources are massively under resourced and without a massive injection of funds  during the Royal Commission it is expected that help lines will go into overload - most are already.

I am a Graduate (B.A.)  in Sociology/Anthropology from Macquarie University.
and trained in Theology (Th Dip) using the transferable  skills learnt in Sociology

my reading, participation in survivor forums and seminars I have attended to develop this site.

     I have progressed to propose innovations such as:

   the Grid of Issues

   and ones unique Journey of Recovery where one finds and/or builds ones path.



Email Contact:        nathan@aussiesurvivors.com